March 6, 2011

March 2011: Week One

As expected, this week was not normal. But I don't care because it was so much fun!

The girls love the "pink trees."
Last weekend we had our first annual homeschool art show!  I plan to write a post about it, but I seem to make that promise a lot.  I'll try.  Check out Christin and Mama Bear for pics!

Reminds me of Scrooge.  FG
 weighing her money.

Monday, Thursday, and Friday we managed to get some reading done. The Number Devil has a lot of math, some of it new, so that took some time.  This was the week for interruptions.  Funny Girl has been in a bit of a funky mood for the last couple of weeks, and the girls are arguing more often.  It seemed like every time Robotson and I sat down, someone started crying, or was hungry, or had to go to the bathroom, or was mad... I think we may all be fighting off a little bug too.  It could also be the pollen.  There are slight sore throats, increased fatigue, and the grumps going around.  Still, most of our meltdowns happened at home where we handled them with more mindfulness than in the past.

Spring is here!
Tuesday was Symphony Street.  Afterwards, we had lunch at the Discover Mills food court.  Turns out this was not the best idea I've ever had, but coordinating eating with a wide range of food preferences, allergies, and diabetes is difficult.  The previous day's downpour made a picnic sound too muddy.  Turns out it would have been worth a little dirt.  We stopped at the park for an hour before heading to the Bears' place for book club movie night.  Dinner was totally awesome as usual.  We had to leave early though since I had my last dental visit in the morning.

So on Wednesday my gramma, my parents, my cousin and his wife, and the kids and I drove up to BabyLand General.  It was Dimples turn to pick a baby from the cabbage patch.  The new hospital is on a very pretty piece of land.  Inside is so much more spacious, and of course there were babies galore to choose from.  We saw one being delivered.  Funny Girl helped name her too.  I can't remember the first name, but Ariel was her middle name, of course.  We left Cleveland for Helen to walk around a bit and grab some dinner.  The weather was beautiful and spending time with family just really made the day perfect.

The adoption process.

New Arrival!
Something Ariel.

Say!  Didn't we go tubing right through
here last summer?
My cousin's wife and the kids.
A must-stop in Helen.
My cousin and Dimples.

The weekend was a whirlwind of activity.  Funny Girl and Robotson slept over at the Bears' so they could do the Home Depot Kids Workshop.  Despite having to wake up at 7am, the kids had blast making their race cars.  When I had to take Funny Girl with me to finally pick up our flooring, she insisted on wearing her Home Depot apron.  It was a big hit with the employees.  Bright and early Saturday, Dimples and I headed back over so that Papa Bear, Mr. Jeff, and I could get new ink (Papa Bear's first!)  Mine is an artistic representation of the Fibonacci sequence to number 13 - my birthday.  Most of the lines should fade out as it heals so it will look more like a painting. Pics below.  And no, this does not mean I made it to my goal weight.  It was just a good opportunity, so I took it.  Then I rounded up the kids and we picked up B so we could head out to Athens for dinner with Ginger, H, and the beasties!  (For the record the beasties are just as beautiful as all of their photos, and it was really surreal seeing them right across the table from us!)

Ginger has beasties; I have monkeys.  FG
drew this using an Ed Emberley book.
Ginger and I met online something like 11 years ago when we were both pregnant with our first babies.  There are still a handful of us "first-time moms" that keep in touch after all of these years.  This was the first time we'd been able to meet up in person though.  They are moving to Athens this summer (can I just say how thrilled I am!) and they came down to check out the area.  I only wish our nice warm sunny weather from last weekend had greeted them.  Ah well, it will be sweltering this summer so a cooler day isn't a terrible introduction.   All too soon we parted ways, but they'll be back next month for a little longer visit.

That brings us to today.  After a few errands this afternoon, we've just been vegetating in front of the t.v. and computers.  Except for Tuesday next week, we have no commitments.  I fully plan to take advantage of this to catch up on house cleaning and reading.


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  2. Now I am remembering to repost as me:)

    It was AWESOME to meet you at long last. Of course it didn't feel like we were meeting for the first time. I am so excited to be moving even closer.