March 13, 2011

March 2011: Week Two

Hey look, it's me!
So our "no plans" week ended up being just as busy as last week - even if we didn't officially have anywhere to go.  Still, we got a lot accomplished on the school front.  No complaints from me for this week.

We started out as I had hoped, quiet and unassuming.  Tuesday became a wild  ride though when picking up my MIL from the eye doctor became a trip to Athens for a new computer.  But I must admit it's really fun driving around someone who can not see for two hours.  She was unusually quiet for a while, to the point where I thought she had fallen asleep, but I wonder if she was just trying to figure out where I was taking her.  Anyway, I've got her assimilated in the cult of Apple now.

These kept the girls busy while we
waited for Granny at the doctor.
We ended up missing card night again.  Then we spent the rest of the week running various errands, reading, doing laundry, and making/cleaning up mess after mess around the house.  No actual housework was done though, so the house is annoyingly dirty.  I feel very unmotivated to rectify the problem.

Funny Girl has decided she's officially ready to start school (her words, not mine.)  I am simultaneously thrilled and completely overwhelmed.  It's all I can do some days to keep up with Robotson.  How can I possibly fit another kid into the mix?  Fortunately, her attention span is still on the short side.  I can usually sit with her for a couple of minutes, and then she gets distracted by Dimples.  Lately she wants to read and write.  She will ask me to write sentences which she then copies into her notebook.  She also likes to debate what I have written for her, discussing the reasoning behind upper and lowercase letters.  Funny Girl is in full support of capital letters. And other times, she just wants to play Timez Attack or "do science."

Vegan blueberry pancake mix is pretty.
It looks like Robotson's next book club selection will be The Mysterious Benedict Society.  I finally convinced him to give it a try and he's hooked, as I expected.  He's also got me reading Heidi to him before bed, and Dimples asked for The Jungle Book.  Our bedtime reading is getting longer and longer these days.  I shouldn't complain, but there are a few things we still aren't fitting into our routine.  

I finally finished all of the painting in the spare room.  Hopefully the floor gets laid next weekend.  The finishes touches include getting some lithographs framed, and installing new closet doors.  As much fun as this has been, I'm going to be very glad to be done for a while.

Painless Paul
Over the weekend, Christin and I went to get her tattoo.  She got stuck at home last week with a migraine, but I had told her I would go when she was ready.  Mr. Jeff kept the kids while we searched for a place that could fit us in.  In the evening we hung out with some of our friends from GUST.  Lots of fun!

Next week is going to be busy again.  We have plans every day until Friday.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

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