March 7, 2011

Mindful Monday: Comparisons

It's not very mindful to spend time comparing one thing to another.  I realize that if I stopped, it would significantly increase my overall happiness too; but old habits die hard.

There is this blogger I enjoy reading.  She's a homeschooling mom with three kids, relatively the same ages as mine.  I don't always agree with her posts, but I like the way she writes with such confidence.  Maybe she doesn't feel that way on the inside, but you'd never know it from her blog.

Sometimes I find myself comparing our kids, or our parenting styles.  Why do I waste my time?  Why do I even care? It's a sure bet she's not spending any of her time comparing her life to mine.

I need to stop comparing my life to others.  This is the path that we have chosen, mindfully even.  I'm happier than I have ever been, with more love and support than I ever thought possible.  This is the perfect life for us, no comparison.


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  2. Comparisons are dangerous but inevitable, I think.

    I love the last lines of this post, Sarah!

  3. I don't know who this "perfect blogging mom" is, but I can pretty much guarantee she's not nearly as perfect, or confident, as she appears. And, she probably compares herself to others as well, and probably finds herself lacking in light of all the "perfect" blog moms that are out there, and even the "imperfect" blog moms out there. As Grace said, comparisons are dangerous. Acknowledging the perfection in our lives is essential to our happiness. See you tomorrow...

  4. Grace and Mo - I agree that comparisons are dangerous. It's part of my goal towards mindfulness to appreciate what is in my life. I've spent too much time thinking about the what ifs, the "future", and the Joneses. It's probably going to take me a while to stop completely, but at least I can recognize when it's happening now.

    And for the record, the blogger I mentioned isn't even someone we know. Just one of those nameless, faceless people that writes about their life online.

    And I love my imperfect friends much more than any random blogger out there.