March 16, 2011

That 1 Guy

Remember way back in February when we went to see That 1 Guy?  I've been meaning to post this pretty much ever since then.

Last night (month) we went with our friends BillyKit, and Littleman to see That 1 Guy.  Both Robotson and I agree the show was awesome, but the best part of all was Robotson getting to go "backstage" to meet Mike (That 1 Guy).  He was worried that he'd be nervous, but when the time came Robotson was cool as a cucumber.  He got to play some of his remixes for him from his iPod, and Mike asked him to send an email with his blog address when he puts some more stuff up!  We ended up spending most of the next day figuring out how to upload videos to YouTube so he can share them on his blog.  (That's another post that I am behind in posting.  Bad blogger.)

I took several pictures during and after the show, so I'll just let them speak for the rest of this post.

Kit Dancing

The boys right up front.

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  1. Yay!! Love the post, and of course the pictures! It was so much fun going with y'all, and I am so glad that Robotson had a good time too. I just loved watching the boys get to check out the magic pipe with Mike. Looking forward to the next gig! :)