April 15, 2011

April 2011: Weeks One and Two

I think it's technically been three weeks since I updated.  The last bit of March we took off, which doesn't mean the learning stopped.  For us a week off of school (that's what we call it out of habit) just means that there are less restrictions on electronics and a looser bedtime.  It's a lot more radical unschool-y whereas our normal days have no t.v. before 6pm, limited computer/Wii access before chores and reading are done, and a 10pm bedtime.  Even with more "entertainment" options the kids mostly do the same things:  the girls play or use the computer, Robotson uses GarageBand all day instead of all afternoon, and they all watch more Hannah Montana (blech.)

Finally passed out after a long night
of allergy symptoms.
The first week of April we were all beset by allergies.  Robotson has them the worst since he is severely affected by apple pollen.  We just happen to have an apple tree on our property too, but at least I know when the tree starts to bloom is when he'll start to have problems.  He first developed symptoms last spring, but we didn't know it was the apple tree until later in the fall when he ate an apple and his whole face swelled.  It was pretty scary.  Fortunately Benedryl helped and we've avoided raw apples ever since.  Anyway, I knew the pollen would bother him so I had been looking for Benedryl for weeks.  Somehow I completely missed the recall?  I was also confused about how to use antihistamines.  Some of them are for maintenance and need time to build up in your system to increase their effectiveness.  Benedryl works right away.  Once we got it all figured out he's been fine, but it was a hard couple of days for him being all itchy and full of mucous.  It even got to the girls and I a bit this year.  We all had sore throats and sneezy, runny noses.  No one felt like doing much of anything last week.  It figures that you take one week off and then get sick the next.  Oh well.  I think we have now seen every single Hannah Montana episode so we should be set for life.

Wait, I'm focusing on what we didn't do for those two weeks.  Let me show you what our days looked like.

Twin cousins?
We saw a lot of family.  My cousin and his wife came over to kid-sit while B and I saw Cut Copy and Holy Ghost! at the Masquerade.  My sister and nephew came by for a rare visit though they live less than 20 minutes away (hint hint.)  My cousin came back with his friend to install the flooring in the spare room.  Yay!  Robotson spent the weekend with Granny and Papa, while the girls and I went down to my parents for a little while.  We also did our regular dinner and movie nights at with the Bears and went to a birthday party.

Meanwhile at home the living room was taken over by GeoTrax.

This is how it looked pretty much all week.

Robotson and I got some personal reading done. He finished the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I read The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. It was terrifying.  

Funny Girl and I practiced reading Hop on Pop together.  She had the idea to use the LeapFrog Word Builder to help her remember the letter sounds and words from the book.  

Dimples and I put together puzzles.

We made homemade pizzas from scratch.

There were some severe storms that knocked out our power for several hours and the Internet for a day.  We even had to spend some time in the "tornado closet" under the stairs.  The girls slept through the entire thing - from me moving them into the closet, to putting them back in bed.  Robotson had his iPod to keep him occupied.

And we played outside.  A lot.  Well, except for Robotson who hates all things outdoors because of the pollen.

Even though I am supposed to dislike the pollen as much as my son (according to him), I can't help but marvel at how beautiful it looks on flowers.  These are all from Mo's garden by the way.

That brings us to this week where we are still working on getting back to bed on time and not begging to watch t.v. all day.  Robotson and I started reading The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey.  He is begging me to find him some more books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  I've got a few reserved from the library.  One is called Star Jumper:  Journal of a Cardboard Genius.  Other than lots of reading with the kids it's been a low-key week.  Since the flooring is done in the spare room I've been painting the floorboards.  I still have to buy, paint, and install the quarter round.  Then see about getting all of our Disney lithographs framed.  We also need new closet doors and an organizer.  It's the project that never ends. 

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