April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter falls on my nephew's birthday this year.  To celebrate we had a party at my cousin's house, whose birthday was last week, so we combined the two yesterday.

On the drive down we passed a man on the side of the road covered in blood.  He was wearing a diaper looking thing and was bearing a cross on his back.  Part of me wanted to stop and take a picture, and part of me was glad we were moving fairly quickly.  I didn't want the kids to see.  The girls missed it, but Robotson asked me what that man was doing.  I said he was pretending to be Jesus.  Robotson knows the story of the crucifixion.  I'm not sure if he knows the story of the resurrection though now that I think about it.  Anyway, he understood what my answer meant.  Then he asked me why.  Before I could answer him, he suggested that perhaps the man was drunk.  I laughed.  I told him it had to do with Easter, but he didn't probe further.  

I've mentioned before that growing up my family always celebrated a secular Easter.  It's perhaps because of this that I've never felt like I'm faking it during these so-called religious holidays.  To me, it was always the Easter bunny, colored eggs, and chocolate.  Last year we celebrated by having a picnic and egg hunt with the AIR group.  The entire day was full of family, friends, and fun and there was no religion involved.

At the party yesterday, after presents and cake (one was made of donuts!), we had the kids color eggs and then the Easter bunny visited.  I think the bunny part was actually implied because I know I didn't mention it.  It was a very low-key affair, but the kids had a great time.  We'll probably get a few more treats from other family members throughout the week, but that's it.

The E.B. always brings $2 bills to our house.

Happy Easter!


  1. Thanks for sharing- it makes me feel a little better about not being there. love and miss ya!

  2. It was a great time having everyone over. I have to admit that grandma hit the nail on the head with this party. We should do this more often.
    Can't wait till June when we get to do it all over again in Ohio. :)