April 21, 2011

Secular Thursday: The Missing Lynx

I was browsing our Netflix suggestions and came cross the movie The Missing Lynx on the Instant Watcher.  The description was intriguing.

Missing LynxIn this animated comedy from Spain, clumsy lynx Felix and his animal pals try to thwart the plans of Noah, a rich man who wants to collect pairs of endangered animals and keep them in a vast ship where they will be safe from extinction. But when Felix, Gus the chameleon, Astarté the hawk and their friends elude capture, Noah hires a professional hunter to track and snare them. 
I'm always looking for unique ways to introduce bible stories to the kids.  So I set it up on Sunday for the girls to watch.  I should go ahead and mention they weren't interested.  Funny Girl watched maybe 15 minutes; Dimples only slightly longer.  Honestly the movie is boring, hard to follow, and confusing for little kids.  I'm not just talking about kids that don't know the bible story, but it's really choppy at the beginning.  It starts out with the good news of a baby lynx, but then it's found dead.  They cut to a map of pushpins where they replace a red one with a black one. Then it pans out to show a whole lot of black pins.  As an adult I got it - the lynx are disappearing.  The girls were totally confused.  Then they find one lynx and he keeps getting captured over and over.  On his last capture the place they take him is like a prison.  What??  So the animals want to escape.  Meanwhile you found out this guy Noah is trying to get two of each animal and hires a hunter to get them.  The prison place is actually to protect the animals.  Finally you see that Noah is building a giant ship and he tells the hunter (who's having trouble catching the lynx) that he's going to use someone else to help him with the animals.  The hunter sees Noah talking to himself out in the desert and totally makes fun of him.

Anyway, it's 56 minutes into the movie before you find out that there "is a good reason" for Noah putting the animals in a ship full of steel cages.  It looks very much like an animal laboratory.  It's another 15 minutes before Noah realizes that life isn't worth living without freedom.  Duh.  So for most of the movie you think Noah is a crazy guy who talks to himself and is capturing animals to put into cages on his ship.  Then we find out that he was just misunderstood.  He can talk to animals and was locked up because of it.  When he got out he used his ability to talk to animals to acquire a fortune.  He's gathering endangered animals so he can take them to an island with no humans where they will be safe.  He wasn't talking to himself either, just so you know, but he's still not very likable.

Meanwhile the hunter is mad that he can never capture the lynx so he throws Noah in a cage and it's up to the animals to rescue him and themselves, which they do - the end.

I went looking for reviews, but the ones on Amazon seems clueless that this might be a bible story.  Netflix pooped out on my while I was trying to read them.  Since the kids didn't like it, I'd rate it pretty low.  It certainly isn't good, but it might be worth watching if you want to introduce your kids to a more cynical view of Noah's ark.

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