April 28, 2011

Secular Thursday: Sita Sings the Blues

Sita Sings The BluesI first heard about this movie before it was even released.  When it came out I made sure Robotson and I sat down to watch it since he'd already had an interest in the Hindu deities piqued from seeing them in The Story of Religion.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but we both very much enjoyed the colorful animations and music.  I'd been meaning to buy the dvd for a while, but never got around to it.  My MIL had seen it on my Amazon wishlist around Christmas and asked if the kids would like it.  She bought it, but forgot to give it to them and so it just arrived as an Easter present.  The kids immediately asked to watch it.

I love the way my kids watch movies.  They talk about everything they see and ask questions when they don't understand.  I know most adults find it annoying when someone is constantly talking through a movie.  Even I fall into this trap, but I'm trying to be more mindful.  Any movie watched in this house can be paused.  There is no reason we can't stop to talk about what we are seeing, even if the answer is coming in the next scene or I don't know the answer yet myself.  There is a time for watching a movie quietly (at the theater), but home let the kids be curious.  Anyway, they are mostly patient with each other.  Dimples spent most of the movie asking why something was happening while Funny Girl and Robotson tried to answer her questions.

My MIL mentioned to a co-worker that Robotson was interested in Hinduism and had enjoyed Sita Sings the Blues. The man is Hindu and I guess he cringed a little, saying that the movie was not a true representation of Hinduism.  He gave her a book to pass on to him The Hindu Mind.  We haven't read it yet.  He also gave Robotson a statue of Ganesha.  I find him in the strangest places sometimes, though normally he lives with our religious books.  Rounding out our Hindu books is How Ganesh Got His Elephant Head.  Robotson loves this story.  In fact, he wrote a blog post about it.

With all of our studies it's more about strewing the information.  Maybe Sita isn't all you should know about Hinduism, but it's a start.  If they are interested they'll learn more, or at least they'll know some of the names of the deities.  Honestly, that's more than I could say until I saw the movie a couple years ago.  I think the kids are incredibly lucky to have access to movies, books, and people.  We even have a local Hindu temple that we can visit (with a vegetarian restaurant!)

As the movie is finishing up, Robotson is explaining as much as he understands about what happens to Sita at the end and Funny Girl is asking if I can put the soundtrack on her iPod.  Absolutely.  And just for comparison to The Missing Lynx, the kids have watched Sita half a dozen times since they got it on Monday.


  1. We enjoyed listening to "Don't know much about world myths". Greek and Roman, Egyptian myths but also religious myths/stories. Both girls listened to the hours of text. Might see if your library has it on CD.

  2. Thanks Grace, I'll check it out.