May 1, 2011

April 2011: Weeks Three and Four

Falling behind on my weekly updates, but I'm kinda behind on everything right now.  You do not want to see the state of my house.  I've nearly convinced myself that dust is the new clean.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but Funny Girl has to wear a patch for an hour a day for six weeks to try to strengthen her right eye.  We are about halfway through.  She's been very willing to wear it because I allow her to watch t.v. while it's on (per the doctor's recommendation.)  Kids are so resistant to the idea that anything they'll willingly do is fine as long as they aren't trying to cheat by looking around it.  Sometimes she wears it while playing, and even once or twice she's gone out wearing it.  I let her choose the situation, but most often it's t.v.  I'm not sure if she'll need to keep it up after our next appointment.  I'm sorta hoping she's done though because the extra t.v. time is disrupting to our routine.  There is a lot of whining when it's time to turn it off and the other two also watch with her, so it's hard to get Robotson on track.  A small price to pay for equally strong eyes, I know, but hard in the day-to-day.

There's a storm brewing...
During these last few weeks instead of fighting with the kids, we've just sort of been going with the flow.  The girls are spending a lot of time outside because when it's not storming the weather is perfect, and I've been doing some much needed yard work.  Robotson is keeping up his newfound love of reading.  He's reread the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, finished Star Jumper, and we are in the middle of The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey.  He also got several books for Easter that he's already started.

Despite our laid back schedule I'm feeling tired so I'm going to go with the  Reader's Digest version of the last couple of weeks.  In no particular order we've:  gone to birthday parties, had a field trip to learn about bees, spent a couple of sleepless nights waiting out storms, watched a royal wedding, played a lot of Robot Wars, played at the park, visited again with Ginger and family, collected and learned about hundreds of bugs, and made necklaces with buttons (plus thrown them around a lot.)

This may be a heavier blog week for me if I can squeeze out some time in the evenings.  So maybe I'll make up for my sparse weeks.

Even weeds can be beautiful.
Playing at the park.
A real haircut!  

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