May 10, 2011

Field Trip 2011: Oakhurst Community Garden

We love the Bee Movie.  Not only is it hilarious, but it touches on the importance of bees for our very survival.  I've often wondered why colony collapse disorder isn't a much bigger news event.  Umm hello?  No bees, no food.  That seems like a pretty big deal to me.  When this field trip to learn about bees came up I was psyched and I knew the girls would love it.  I didn't think Robotson would be that interested, but his pollen allergies were also a concern.  The trip was postponed a couple of times due to colder temps, so by the time we went he probably would have been o.k., but he's a little tetchy when it comes to outside events.  

So we went to Oakhurst Community Garden with Grace and Mavibu and their girls.  We learned about bees and got to see them up close.  Then we played with the chickens.  The girls went to play in the cob house while I took photos.  Finally we walked around and admired the flowers and beauty of the garden as a whole.  I could have spent all day there to be honest.  

Here's a photo tour of our day!

The girls minus Dimples.

Learning about the hive.

Touching beeswax.

Dimples is ready to go in.

Funny Girl is ready too!

The girls went in two at a time.

Up close!

We made our own beeswax candles.

Let's go visit the chickens!

You talkin' to me?

Mom, can we have a chicken?

No idea what kinds of flowers/plants these are; I just enjoy taking their pictures.  I hope you enjoy them too!


  1. I love the one with the purple/blue flowers and the blue sky background- gorgeous!