May 10, 2011

May 2011: Week One

I signed Robotson and Funny Girl up with Time 4 Learning.  We know a few families who use it and I was curious.  Then there was a special deal in April, so I figured what the heck.  If the kids don't like it, we can just cancel it. Funny Girl is starting in PreK.  Honestly, it's way too easy for her.  She's nearly into PreK 2 after only three logins.  I asked her if she wanted me to move her up though and she said no.  Besides, Dimples sits with her.  I actually think it's too easy for Dimples too.  Robotson is a little harder to figure out.  Most of the lessons in fourth grade seem too easy for him, but I hesitate to raise his level.  This type of program is new for him, plus he's a perfectionist.  He gets really upset when he gets anything wrong, so I think we'll stick with the easier stuff for now.  Talking through the ones he needs help with is good for him too.  I've been sitting with them while they do the different lessons.  I like how they explain to me what they're doing or how they figured something out.  Anyway, I don't know how long we'll use it, but no one is complaining right now.   I don't assign lessons, it's just another option on the table.

Robotson is still reading a lot on his own.  He just finished the second book of the Journal of a Cardboard Genius series and he's started Violet in Bloom.  We are still reading the second book of The Mysterious Benedict Society together.  We missed the last book club meeting because of some attitude issues.  We'd been running late and I was just not in the mood, so we left.  

As funny as this may sound to anyone who knows me, or has been reading this blog for a while now, I've been trying to get us out of the house more.  If unschooling is about experiencing life then it sort of makes sense to get to living it.   It helps that financial concerns aren't keeping us tied down too.  Plus I have some tough decisions about how we are going to spend our time going forward.  Unfortunately our homeschool group isn't quite what it once was and so it's not as simple to see all of the kids that my kids want to see.  I also want to take advantage of more inexpensive (and free) opportunities in Athens.  I've been trying to resurrect the Barrow County park day as well.  To top everything off my mom got a new job and she now has weekends and the summer off!  We are going to spend a lot of our days at the pool in my parent's neighborhood this summer.  Actually there is so much stuff coming up for us that I'm really looking forward to the next few months.  We are going to be busy bees!

Funny Girl is tired of me taking her picture.
Anyway, back to last week.  We went to the park, visited an interactive museum, spent a morning catching up with B's dad, went to my nephew's last soccer game of the season, and took my parent's out for a Mother's Day dinner.  That's why this post is late, but it was so worth it!   

A note on the soccer photos.  Yes, I intentionally cut heads off in my editing for the blog.  These aren't my kids, or even kids I know except for the third one down is my nephew (#20).  I got lots of great shots though.  The facial expressions on these kids are just great.  I've got one where the goalie's hair is flying straight up as he dives for the ball.  Classic!

I'm going to try to blog our last two field trips this week.  I just gotta make sure I can post pictures and then find some time.