May 25, 2011

May 2011: Week Three

Last week was fairly uneventful.  After we got home from the lake I really didn't feel like putting much effort into much of anything.  Part of the problem was procrastination as the housework had been piling up and was beginning to really bother me.  Fortunately we are having house guests on Thursday so I am using that as an excuse to get everyone to help.  However, last week it was getting me down a bit.  So we spent Monday and Tuesday at the park.  Out of sight, out of mind!

Wednesday Funny Girl had her follow up eye appointment.  She still has to wear her patch as there was no change in her vision.  Now she's supposed to wear it while she does something active instead of just passively watching t.v.  This shouldn't be a problem since she's been very agreeable about the whole thing.  I'm glad to be able to drop the extra screen time as well.  The optometrist mentioned video games though, so she wants to do that.  So far I've been able to convince her that he also mentioned reading, puzzles, and drawing as activities she should do while wearing it.  I think we'll try to mix it up.  It's another six weeks before her next appointment.

Thursday and Friday we played a bit in Time4Learning.  Funny Girl has finished PreK1.  Robotson and I did some of the Language Arts activities.  His reading comprehension is excellent;  grammar not so much.  I can't give him too hard of a time though.  It's a weak point for me as well.  Maybe I'll learn something by sitting with him.  We are also one day's reading away from finishing The MBS and the Perilous Journey.  We aren't reading a book club book for this month since we will miss the meeting on Friday.

I promised the kids a low-key weekend since we'd been doing a lot the last few weeks.  Robotson used the computer for hours on end and the girls watch t.v. for just as long.  I started the housework finally, but was sidelined on Sunday with a headache.  Oh well.  There's always this week.

One more update on the project that never ends.  I have finally finished installing and painting the quarter round in the spare room.  I still have to do the closet, but the room is nearly complete.  I don't even remember now when I started this renovation, but I will be very glad to be done.  Just need to do the finishing touches now.  Maybe I can muster a blog post at some point.  I make no promises...

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