May 24, 2011

May 2011: Week Two (only slightly late!)

We spent the second week of May preparing for and taking a trip to Lake Sinclair.   

So much to see, hear, do, and explore when we are at the lake.  

I turned 34 while we were there! 
Dimples is now swimming on her own!
Building sand castles.
Decorating sand castles.
Let's talk about light and shadows.
Look what washed up on our "beach."  We rescued it and put it to
good use on the dock.  It's a trash can.
There were cicadas everywhere and their song was sometimes
deafening.  We rescued several from the lake.  When their wings
were dry, they would fly away.  This is just an empty shell.
Beautiful spider web.
Max all worn out from a day of swimming in the lake.

I haven't been able to identify these, but I found an app that might
help for when we go back.
Not sure what this is either.
Water can make the most interesting run off patterns.
Ants marking their territory.
The sky looked like this most of the time.
But it did rain for a bit.  B said there was a storm rolling in with high
winds.  I said, "I'm not worried."  When it came in though it was so
strong that we couldn't see across the lake any longer.  Fortunately
it was brief.
Time for a boat ride.
A rare shot of Robotson.
Funny Girl is getting camera shy now too.
Georgia Power
Putting my feet up.
We weren't the only family out enjoying the water.
The sun setting on the lake.

Moon rising.


  1. Lovely! I think I need a holiday after seeing these photos!

  2. Fabulous pix! Can't wait to "pull in" on Monday! <3

  3. Sadie if you were closer you'd definitely be invited :)

    Yay, Mo! See you soon!