May 9, 2011

Mindful Monday: Gratitude Project

I'm not a huge fan of the 365 projects.  You've probably heard of a hundred different ones.  Most of them have to do with taking a photo of something each day for a year.  It's not that I dislike them or the idea, it's just that they got real popular, real fast.  I tend to stay away from things like that, though not always and not forever.  Sometimes I just wait for the hubbub to die down.  I'm a dork like that - what can I say?

Anyway I was browsing through the photography blogs in my Reader and noticed there was a link to 365 days of gratitude.  Now this is something I'd be interested in doing.  I've been looking for a ways to notice more of the wonderful things in my life and have the kids start noticing them too.  I really like a suggestion by Dr. Christine Carter where each day she and her children name some things for which they are grateful.  The idea is awesome, but the reality is that I don't make the time.  The couple of times that I have tried to work it into our day the kids haven't been all that receptive.  I know if I make it a habit that will help, but I just haven't.  She has a lot of other really good ideas too.  If you are interested check out the link above.  

What I like about this particular project is the photo aspect.  Yes, I know.  I just said above that most 365's are about taking a daily photo.  But it wasn't until I actually saw the blog post that I considered throwing the two things together.  Since I have my phone with me at all times, and since I am taking a lot of pictures, and since I am trying to be more mindful of the positives in my life, and since I am on Instagram nearly everyday it just seems like a doable project for me.  The kids are used to me stopping to take photos, and I often show them or ask for input on editing.  Talking about why I am taking the photo and the reason I feel grateful might be a really good way to model the behavior I'd like for them to pick up.   

I plan to post them daily on Instagram (I'm @justsarah) and probably cross-post them to Facebook and Twitter.  I'll use the hashtag #grateful365.  I also plan to do a weekly post here with the photos.  I'll use one of my apps to add text to the photo so the message is all in one neat little package.  I was thinking a regular Sunday post, but as always I may be a little bit late.  I'm already behind on my weekly update from last week. *sigh*

I'm starting tomorrow.  Anyone else want to do it with me?  

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