June 11, 2011

May 2011: Week Four

Note:  I had meant to post this two weeks ago but that's when our server went down.

We spent a couple of afternoons at the park.  I did a little more cleaning.  We finished The MBS and the Perilous Journey.  We did some more Time4Learning.  We spent an inordinate amount of time in grocery stores.  My cousin and her girlfriend came to visit from St. Louis and we ate a TON of food.  We visited Fernbank with Aunt and Uncle J and ate a TON of cake pops.  We had a lemonade at Centennial Olympic Park and learned about free parking downtown.  I was exhausted by Saturday and fairly vegetated all day.

The kids loved Fernbank and are eager to go back.  I am seriously considering a family membership.  We tried to explore the entire center in one afternoon, but we barely scratched the surface.  I could tell the kids were getting tired, but even they didn't want to leave.  A membership would give us the chance to spend as much time as we want in each section and would be perfect for scorching/freezing/rainy days.  Plus we'd have the added benefit of being able to see family on most visits.  If you haven't been in a while (or ever) it's well worth the money, and honestly for the cost you might as well get the membership and just plan to go at least twice.  Currently they have a special exhibit of mythic creatures, which is utterly fascinating!  It's a great exhibit for teaching kids how myths get started.  Even better, the next special exhibit coming in September is all about Charles Darwin.  Squee!!

Argentinosaurus!  I could have spent all day just staring at this behemoth.
Funny Girl in awe.
Robotson and Uncle J
Robotson hanging with Anhanguera, a pterosaur.
Uncle J's artwork!  
On to Mythic Creatures!
I love this shot!  I had the hardest time figuring
out how to get Dimples and the unicorn in the
frame.  Finally I ended up lying on the floor
shooting up backwards.  I got some funny looks,
but it was so worth it.
Golden Pegasus.  I so wanted to touch it.
If I remember correctly, these were magnets that allowed you to move
the "bones" of several different animals around to build a new creature.
The point was to show how mistakes could fuel myths.
On to Sensing Nature.  We could have spent our entire day blowing
giant bubbles.  Seriously.  
Tesla Ball 
Colorful Shadows
I wanted to hang out in Reflections of Culture, but the kids weren't
World of Shells was beautiful.  The girls especially enjoyed them.
I asked Dimples if she could hear the ocean in this one.  She really
Learning more about shells.
The kids area is way cool!  I didn't take many pics there because I was
too busy looking around and exploring.  We could easily spend an
entire day in this one area. 
This night vision thing was just creepily awesome.  You have no idea
what might be lurking right next to you!
Aunt J having a chat with Dimples.
Hanging with the dinos.
Hey, what's that behind you?
Tons to photograph outside as well.  
Apparently there are several things we missed like a forest, star gallery, rose garden, and IMAX movie.  Yeah, we are definitely going back soon!

We met up with my cousin at Centennial Olympic Park after Fernbank.
We were just in time for a fountain show.
And a cool drink of lemonade!


  1. Fernbank looks like a really great place. Even though I live in Canada I know think I must make trip to Fernbank just to attend their Martinis & IMAX evening! :-)

  2. OH! You should definitely get a membership, 'cause my brother gifted us with a family membership and we'd love to go with y'all! C & J have a family membership, too. I'm working on Mo. ;)

  3. Memberships are great - we bought a $45 membership to the Ottawa Science and Tech museum (regularly $90, daily coupons are also great) and we can go to it and 2 other museums in Ottawa (all pretty small scale) and about 150 other science-y museums across US and Canada - just going to Toronto would have been $75 easily for our family of 5! We've been to Montreal already, we'll do Toronto in a couple weeks and we're planning on Syracuse over the summer too (kid size heart - as in they can climb through it!)

  4. Sadie - We've never made it to the Martini night, but it's on my list.

    Kit - I'm going to do it! We should plan a trip :)

    Anon -Those museums sound great, especially for that price! I'm very jealous.