July 11, 2011

Health Update - July 2011

A quick aside before I really get into this post.  Thank you everyone who read and commented (here and FB) on my last post about parenting.  It's obviously one of my insecurities and I write about it a couple of times a year when it builds up in my head.  I appreciate the support and love.  I feel really lucky to have such amazing friends.

Now I want to do a quick health update since it's been a very long time.  The details are boring - here's a summary:

My weight fluctuates between 147 and 152lbs.  It's been like that for about a year.  My lowest was 145.

I have flirted with exercise, but I really don't like it and won't make the time.

I like the idea of eating vegan, but I haven't been ready to commit 100%.

Which brings me to last week.  I've decided that I want to try to get over this hump and find a way to move my body, see if I can't tone up and drop one more clothing size, and remove most dairy and eggs from my diet.  My starting weight was 152.  I'm down to 149 now, but that's not unusual since I have a 5lb window.  We'll see where I am in a few more weeks.  I am also counting calories again to keep myself conscious of my eating choices.  It's just the easiest way to keep myself mindful.

My diet has been mostly vegan.  I skipped pizza, root beer floats, and nachos this week with no regrets.  I did still grab a couple of of coffee drinks and had a fabulous pumpkin ravioli dinner with a friend last night.  Overall I can't say I would call myself vegan, but I am making conscious choices to cut back.  I have noticed small things too like when I do eat dairy I can taste it more.  I may very well come to the point where I don't enjoy the flavor if I am away from it long enough.  I've given up eggs before, so that's not as big of a deal.

As for exercise, the kids and I are spending a couple of days a week at the pool.  When I'm home I try to move around or stand more when I am using the computer.  I haven't yet spent any time on the treadmill or with the Wii programs.  It's really hot right now.  Excuses, I know.

So what are my goals?  I don't know yet.  I have Lose It! set to help me get to 135, but it's just something to work toward.  I may end up lower or higher.  I have a few articles of clothing that I'd like to wear comfortably, so that's my real goal right now.  I'd like to see myself in single digit clothing, but we'll see.  I don't want to have to replace my wardrobe again!  One goal I have is to feel even better and less tired than I do still sometimes feel.  I know motherhood is exhausting, but I don't feel as in shape as I know I did when I was exercising a year ago.  I need to get that back.  Lastly, if I can cut dairy/eggs out of my diet completely that would be great.  I'm not going to beat myself up over it though.  It's still going to be in the house.  I just want to eat less of it.

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