September 24, 2011

Live Music!

"Did you feel like an irresponsible parent bringing your kids in here?"  This was one of the first things a friend asked me when we arrived at the Masquerade last night with all three kids in tow.  We've been on a concert kick this year.  Usually the shows don't allow kids, but I took Robotson to see That1Guy in March and we took him to the Identity Festival last month.  The girls really wanted to see a show and this one was a perfect choice for them.  So the answer to my friend's question is no way!  I'm pretty certain little kids aren't the norm at this venue, but the staff and the fans were all awesome about it.  I got several compliments for the kids and myself for being such a cool parent.  It wasn't just our kids either.  This show was That1Guy and Pogo, so of course Kit and family were there, plus Papa Bear and Brother Bear, as well as another family from our homeschool group.

That1Guy was awesome, as usual!  All of the kids danced to most of his set.  Let me tell you, we've got some groovy kids in our group.  Then Pogo came out and I have to admit, I didn't realize how much I was going to enjoy his live show.  We've been Pogo fans since he released Alice.  That link might not work for long because Disney has since had him take down a lot of his early stuff, but you can see his current work on YouTube here.  He's really fantastic!  The kids got to hear all of their favorites; they'll be talking about this show for years.

Everyone else had left by the end of Pogo's set, but the kids were intent on meeting him.  It was so cute to hear Dimples tell me "When Nick (Pogo's real name) is done DJ'ing, I'm going to invite him to my birthday party."   So after the show we sat on the stage and waited for Nick to get through the line of fans so we could talk to him.  I'm not sure what time it was by the time we left, but we closed the place down.

There were so many great moments last night.  Dimples got a signed poster from TIG, which had to be put up on her wall above her bed first thing today.  Funny Girl really wanted a t-shirt which she bought on her own.  Robotson talked music with both Mike (T1G) and Nick.  Nick gave him some really wonderful advice to do what he loves.  He said when he made Alice, he didn't really know where it would lead, but he loved it.  He was asking Robotson if he had a Facebook account or some place he shared his work so he could check it out!  I wish Robotson would share his stuff a little more.  I've tried to encourage him, maybe this will help.

As we were finally leaving, we passed a man playing the trumpet outside of the Masquerade.  The kids asked about him and we explained that he is homeless.  They were devastated to hear that and wanted to help.  They all agreed that everyone should have a home.  Today when we met my parents at Costco, Dimples asked my dad if he knew that some people didn't have a home and wasn't that just terrible?

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  1. I don't think it's irresponsible at all! Any time there is a kid-friendly venue for live music, we take our kiddo, and I can only imagine we'll do more of that as she gets older (she's only 3 now).

    Glad you all had fun! :)