October 9, 2011

Simple Steps

When B and I first went vegetarian we ate everything that was not an animal, and a lot of junk food is not meat.  Most people, when they think vegetarian, think thin healthy people.  Be honest, I bet you do.  While B and I managed to lose some weight after the switch (not from any effort just from the diet change) it certainly wasn't enough to make us healthy.   This is sort of how I feel right now about our unschooling.  I finally let go of anything I was holding on to that had me pushing learning, but we aren't in a healthy place and I know it.

I feel a little lost and uninspired to "enrich" our environment.  It's not the kids I am worried about, it's me.  What am I doing with my days?  Am I setting a good example of how to spend my time wisely?  Am I learning or am I slacking off every day?  I'm not sure right now.  It's an uncomfortable feeling, but I like that I am aware of it.  We are coming into the busiest part of the year, made busier for us with two birthdays.  We are doing low-key this year.  I feel like the one thing I can focus on right now is keeping it simple.

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  1. Sometimes the things that make us fee the most "uncomfortable" are the most worthwhile and enriching. Looking forwarding to hearing about how your adventure continues!