November 11, 2011

Current typical day around here

I was reading Penelope Trunk's homeschooling post Day in a Life of a Homeschooler and nearly had a panic attack.    Right now I'm feeling very fortunate that I don't need to work!  Even still, her day was amazingly busy.  I might be able to pull off one of those a month; certainly not every week.  It's been a while since I wrote about what we are doing and I thought you might like to see just how unschooly we've become.

We are waking up between 9-11am.  The kids fix themselves breakfast.  I check all of my social addictions before stumbling out of bed. The kids argue over the iPads (Funny Girl gets priority because of her eye patch) while I make coffee and breakfast for B and I.

Over the next couple of hours I knock out a few chores while the girls manage their fashion stores, bakeries, restaurants, and dragon parks (Math and time management skills woohoo!)  Robotson usually builds LEGO robots and DJs his Daft Punk remixes all morning (erm...afternoon.)

The kids remind me that I should  fix lunch.

Three or four times a week we head out to a park, field trip, play date, or errands.  If we stay home the kids do everything under the sun.  Sometimes I am involved, but most of the time I am left to do housework, read, or surf the web.  Lately, I've been carving out some time to read to whoever wants to listen.  I'm also thinking about making some time to sit with each of them and answer some of the millions of questions they ask each day.  We love Google.

Robotson gets on the computer at 4pm to make music for the rest of the evening, while Dimples helps me make dinner.  Then the kids take turns picking t.v shows to watch.  This week it's been Mythbusters, Romeo & Juliet, and Barbie Fashion Fairytale.  They all watch each others picks.

At midnight I tell them to turn everything off and send them to bed.

One big change you may have noticed is the lack of assigned chores that was sort of a staple of our lives for the past 5 years.  I just got tired of fighting about them all the time.  I threw away all of the charts and when/thens that I had.  Now I just ask for help as I need it.  I don't always get it, but I think it happens a little more often and without some of the fighting.  I hope as time goes on this will only get better.


  1. Ha! your day sounds almost identical to mine.

  2. I just read about your day and Penelope's day, and I would much rather have your day! ;)