November 27, 2011

Television rules the nation

I should probably take notes or something because when I have the time to write I usually can't remember all of the things I want to say.  I'm pretty sure I've said that before.   B is watching Reel Injun on Netflix as I type, so I am also a bit distracted.  It's a sad documentary, but you should take the time to watch it.  

Thursday was Thanksgiving, but we didn't pay it much mind.  It's not that we don't want to be grateful, but that's a feeling I want to foster all year long.  B had to work in the morning anyway.  Then we went to the movies before coming home to our traditional veg lasagna, mashed potatoes, and latest pumpkin pie recipe.  

Did you know Native Americans never wore headbands?  Movie makers needed a way to hold the wigs on the actors.  Enter the headband.  Wow.  

Earlier today I tried to get the kids to watch The Man in the Iron Mask with me before it expires.  Dimples stayed with me, Funny Girl was in and out, and Robotson watched with one eye on the computer.  The kids love the Musketeers though, so we watch any version we can get out hands on.  Dimples asked me to read the books with her.  Totally can do.

We've been watching more t.v. in general.  My FIL was hospitalized a few weeks ago.  B spent a lot of time with him while the kids and I mostly stayed home.  It's not that we couldn't go anywhere, but I think none of us really wanted to do much while he was so sick.  He's still very sick, but now he's getting treatment so things are better.  

It's taking me a really long time to write this; I have a whole new respect for Marlon Brando right now.  

Anyway, the past few weeks have had an impact on us.  I've had more internal struggles with wanting to have more fun and enjoy more of this thing called life, while caring less about all the drama.  Sometimes I think I should put something over my mouth to force me to think before I speak.  Is what I'm about to say going to to improve the day?  Does it even need to be said at all?  I feel like I spend too much time explaining and lecturing.  It's definitely not fun.

The show is over. Seriously, go watch it.  If you can get your kids to watch it - even better.  Watch the faces of the kids in the movie when they see an Indian massacre movie scene for the first time.  

I'm not worried about watching too much t.v. right now.  There is plenty out there to learn, and right now it seems to happen best when we are moved by images on a screen.  


  1. I didn't know ethnic Americans didn't wear headbands. I thought I saw pictures of real ethnic elders wear headbands too- or am I imagining it? If I am then I am totally sucked in and it sucks. I usually pride myself in not being a sucker at these things. Thank you, I need to look into it now.

  2. I thought I'd seen photos as well, but the props guy, an Indian, for many movies at the time said that they never wore them. Perhaps he was speaking of a particular tribe or type of Indian. The "Indians" portrayed in all the movies were stereotypical and didn't really represent the reality of where the movie was located. So maybe plains Indians never wore headbands?