January 31, 2012

Funny Girl and the Tooth Fairy

Funny Girl lost her first two teeth this month.  The first one was quite a surprise actually.  We were on our way to Girl Scouts and she was trying to open her thermos cup by using her teeth.  Unfortunately, they weren't very strong anymore and she ended up ripping one of them out.  We'd known she had a loose tooth there on the bottom, but it wasn't the one we were expecting to come out.  That previously loose one was still in there, but just barely.  Two weeks later it came out when she accidentally got hit in the face with a toy.  Honestly I think a good breeze would have knocked it out at that point.

Never quite sure what the going rate is for tooth fairies, but we have settled on a dollar coin and a small toy.  The girls are very into Squinkies so this works out perfectly.  I got a pack at on sale with enough to cover all of her baby teeth.

So that first tooth was a really big deal and she was very excited to leave it under her pillow.  None of my kids wants the tooth fairy to keep their teeth though.  I'm fine with this, they are their teeth after all.  Robotson kept, and lost most of his.  I expect Funny Girl will eventually lose hers as well, but I've come to terms with this.  My mom kept all of my teeth and then a few years ago asked me if I wanted them.  As an adult I could see no reason to keep them so I figured there's no harm in letting them have them if they want them now.

When she left her second tooth though she asked me some questions about the tooth fairy - like how does she know when kids are asleep?   I answered that she would check to make sure before leaving anything.  Then I asked her how big she thought the tooth fairy might be and her answer "As big as you, Mommy."  Interesting!  So I asked her what she thought she might look like.  She said she wasn't sure, so I told her that the tooth fairy can be anything she wants her to be.  Then I kissed her goodnight and a few hours later, after checking to see that she was asleep, I left her a coin and a Squinkie next to her tooth.  


  1. This reminds me of my youth. Back then, they would slip a nickel under my pillow after getting my baby tooth.

  2. I remember growing up and placing my tooth under my pillow just to get some coins or candies in the morning, that always felt great when we were young.

  3. I have read about the origins of the tooth fairy and it goes back to the middle ages wherein it was an occult belief that an old hag creeps into the night and steals tooth from children. Modern days have tamed it to a fairy in order not to frighten them on the experience.