January 15, 2012

Homeschool Days 1/15/12

Ah, well this week did not go exactly as planned.  I can never seem to figure out how to juggle all of my balls and something always falls to the wayside.  In this case, I didn't manage my time for grocery shopping wisely and needed to catch up on that which basically lost me two days.  As I've previously mentioned, it's difficult to plan meals (now vegan) that we will all eat, and I felt like I'd hit a wall.  I did finally manage to pull some recipes together.  I have to admit the food was yummy when we finally got around to eating said planned meals too.  Unfortunately Tuesday and Wednesday were sort of messed up by our van breaking down.  Well not the van really, it was just a sensor, but because it wasn't working properly the van would not move.  So instead of going to the park on Tuesday we waiting around for AAA and B to rescue the girls and I from a nearby shopping center.  Finally home from all of the excitement I was not inclined to do anything other than exercise and curl up with a book.  Wednesday we had to take the van to the Kia dealership to fix the sensor.  Another all day adventure that left me not interested in much else.  So we invited some friends over for dinner and goofed off for the evening.  Thursday we got up bright and early for our first field trip of the month to The King Center (blog post to follow) and had a wonderful day all around.  Friday and Saturday are our days off.  The kids watched Rocko's Modern Life all day - literally, and I caught up on all of those recipes I hadn't made all week.  That brings us to today where I've sort of found my bearings again, but we'll see how things go.  I really need to get these children to a park.  Hopefully the weather will work with me (and my van, of course.)


Composting:  Nature's Recyclers by Robin Koontz

We've been composting for a while now, but this talks about the different creatures that benefit from a compost heap and explains why it might look or smell weird.  If you are thinking about starting to compost, this is a good way to introduce it to your kids.

Math Potatoes by Greg Tang

Another math book for Dimples.  She just likes to count one by one, but I try to show her how the poem suggests to count faster.  She's not that interested, but she's only four.

Dwarf Planets:  Pluto, Charon, Ceres, and Eris by Nancy Loewen

My kids are young enough that they don't really care that Pluto was "demoted" to a dwarf planet.  Still it's fun to read about space and this is a good introduction to the other dwarf planets.  Honestly, I thought a couple of those were moons, so I learned something too.

Ouch! How Your Body Makes it Through a Very Bad Day by Richard Walker

This one came with a cd of videos for some of the bad things that happen.  You get to see computerized vomit come back up, a mosquito in an ear, and the need to urinate from the inside.  The kids enjoyed the videos so much they let me read the entire book to them!  It took us an hour, yet still kept everyone interested.  They asked a lot of questions too, so I think this one is definitely worth checking out.

Tomie dePaola's Book of Poems

While at the Kia dealership there was another mom there with a book by Tomie dePaola.  I think it was a nursery tales one.  The kids listened while she read a story to her son.  Since they enjoyed it so much I tried to find it at our library, but it was out.  Since Funny Girl is into poetry, I grabbed this one instead.  I like that it has poems that do not rhyme as well as ones that do.  Personally, I prefer the cadence of rhyming poetry, but Funny Girl has asked me to find her poems that do not rhyme and so there we have it.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Funny Girl requested this one after seeing a movie poster at the library.  We are reading one chapter per day and so far she's very fond of pointing out the differences in the movie.  It's a introduction to discussing why movie adaptations are different.  I am hoping to finish this for the book club meeting in case she wants to present.

For next week we are starting Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman and Robotson is reading Star Jumper to us as well.  He's been very interested in sharing it with us for a while now so I let him have the floor each evening for a chapter.

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