January 23, 2012

Homeschool Days 1/23/12

Notice how my posts are getting further apart?  Frustrating that I can't keep to a simple schedule.

All the days from last week seem to have run together.   It's a blur of books, cooking/baking, andValentine's day projects, sprinkled with exercise, sleep, park day, and girl scouts.  This week is just as booked.  Oh and it's been raining for days, so I'm constantly nursing a sinus headache.  I'll be happy to see the sun again.

This post looks so little.  I truly think I spent 4-5 hours a day in the kitchen this week trying out some new vegan meals, and baking breads and cookies.  Hopefully I'll be able to settle down into some kind of manageable meal plan because I can't keep up the cooking.  

We also found several nifty things on the Interwebs to occupy us for a little while each day.  Nothing stands out right now though.

So that was our week.


Robotson and I finished Little Town on the Prairie and have moved on to Darth Paper Strikes Back.

Funny Girl and I are still reading Coraline.  The book club meeting for this month was cancelled because of a Girl Scout event, but that gives us some more time to read.  Plus the girls are really into GS right now.

Dimples and I got into limericks and were reading Limericks by Lear and Grimericks.

Other books we've been reading this week are not really worth mentioning, more Berenstein Bears and a couple of early readers.   We are about halfway through Odd and the Frost Giants.

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