January 16, 2012

The King Center

Last Thursday we took a field trip to The King Center in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  It was a beautiful, crisp day and the kids were all excited to learn more about Dr. King.  Dimples was truly fascinated by the story of his life and death.  She wanted to see pictures of everything: his children, him being arrested for nonviolent protest, and his death.  Having never been there before, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Turns out the King Center is very well laid out over a block or two with many different things to see from his birth home and Ebenezer Church, to an interactive museum, and a walk-through history of the civil rights movement.  As usual I took pictures so I'll leave you to visually walk you through our field trip.  You'll see that Dimples got to see everything she wanted and more!

We met at the reflecting pool where Dr. King and his wife are buried.

The Eternal Flame
The museum had an interactive part where you could listen, watch, or read some of Dr. King's speeches.  Dimples beelined for the beautiful iMac displays.  She and Robotson understood how to use them better than the staff!  Next to the computers were sheets of paper where you could write down your own dream.  Then you had it photographed and posted to their wall of dreams.  Robotson's dream was to become a famous DJ so he could remix Dr. King's speeches with music that people would want to listen to.  Many of the kids filled out dreams, but I missed them.

Dimples listening to I Have a Dream.
Photographing their dreams.
Upstairs at the museum there were rooms dedicated to Rosa Parks, Mr. and Mrs. King, and Gandhi.

A timeline of Mrs. King's life.

Next we went to sit in Ebenezer Baptist Church.  The church is no longer used, but they have sermons by Dr. King playing so that you can sit and imagine what it might have been like to be there at the time. I loved both of these pictures and couldn't decide which to use, so you get to seem them both.

 Our last stop was a walk-through history of the civil right movement featuring Dr. King's work.

Dimples was very moved by this display and his loss of freedom
for fighting for a right that seems so obvious to her.

This photos in this room are of the events leading up to, during,
 and after Dr. King's assassination.  There were two photos from
 right after the shot.  There was also a photo of the family around
the open casket.  These were of great interest to Dimples, not in
a morbid way, but as if to convince her of the reality.
The most powerful image, in my opinion.

We had lunch in front of a beautiful mural before heading back to the car.  There was still plenty to look and talk about as we went.

I have to say this was an excellent start to the new year.  Everyone at The King Center was friendly and helpful.  The kids each got a beautiful magnifying glass as a souvenir and Robotson got a complimentary pencil and pin after looking longingly over the items in the gift shop several times.  There were also some super funny quotations made by Dimples during the tour.  One was after entering the Gandhi room and she says "Gandhi doesn't look so good."  Another was when referring to Dr. King's death, she said "I'm sorry that the king died, but at least the queen lived."

Afterwards we met at a vegan bakery in town for a little treat before the long drive home.  I highly recommend Dulce Vegan Bakery if you are ever in Atlanta.  Super yum!!

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