March 28, 2012

Blog Boredom

I want to do something different here.  I'm totally bored with this blog.  I say this as if I know what to change, but I don't.  I can't even get this third sentence out because I don't know what I want to say.  However, now that I've started a post, I feel like I should put *something* down so here is a snapshot of our day today.

Funny Girl woke me up around 9am because she was hungry.  I suggested yogurt so I could grab a few more minutes of sleep.  Around 10am I crept out of bed (Dimples was still sleeping).  Over the next hour we were all up and I was making mac&cheese with "fish fingers" for brunch.  The girls went outside to play, I cleaned the kitchen, and Geshtro (formerly Robotson) played with his iTouch.  I gave him several reminders to go ahead with his chores, but he chose to ignore me.

In the afternoon, Funny Girl got some Pokemon cards and the kids all played with those for a couple of hours.  B was finally working on the taxes, and I was considering either a nap or reading.  I compromised with surfing the web since I was being constantly interrupted.  It occurred to me around 4pm that dinner was going to require some effort, so I got back up to start on that.  The girls were back outside and Geshtro was finally getting started on the vacuuming.

Geshtro finished right before 5pm and then asked to get on the computer.  I reminded him that he hadn't done Time4Learning today.  (There are only requirements with T4L because we are paying for it.  I ask the kids to use it at least three times a week and they've agreed.)  He tried to bargain his way out of it, but after explaining time management *yet again* to him, he got down to business.  Three lessons later, it was time for dinner and then he got on the computer.  The girls got into the bath and now I'm here typing it all out.

I'd say this is a fairly typically day.  I'm not sure it's interesting, but not every day is.


  1. I love uninteresting-interesting day blogs. What you might consider uninteresting is actually quite interesting to others ... me, anyway!

    Boring days are the best!

    I'm envious that you have time to nap or read! I want to live in your house!

    ~ Kirsji ~

  2. Thank you :) I kinda like posting about the regular stuff. It's real life after all.

    I don't always have time to nap, but it's nice when I do!