March 29, 2012

Everything tastes better at night

  It probably didn't seem like our day was very eventful yesterday, but things can change in the blink of an eye.  Shortly after I finished my post, Geshtro came in to ask if he could have more computer time.  The computer logs out at 9pm to encourage kids to go to bed.  By the way, this doesn't work.  It only encourages them come and ask for more time.  At most they'll get an hour because Mom needs her space after 10pm.  So when Geshtro asked for more time tonight we made him a deal - is he does the hustle, he can have that extra hour.  Long story short, he was too embarrassed to try even though I was learning right along with him.

Eventually it was time for the kids to go downstairs, but there's stalling of course.  The usual nighttime starvation kicks in.  Happens every single night.  You'd think I never feed them.  Finally I get the two older ones in their rooms, but now I'm hungry.  Since Dimples is still upstairs with us and she's my kitchen helper, it only makes sense that we bake something together.  It's not like the other two will actually be asleep when we are finished and teeth can be brushed again.  She wants chocolate chip cookies and I want something with walnuts - perfect!

I let Dimples do most of the measuring.  She's only four, but she's getting really good at it.   Mix it all together and we are ready to bake.  By 11:30pm we are all back upstairs munching on warm vegan chocolatey nutty goodness!  Of course getting them all back to bed afterwards was a feat in itself, but that's another story.

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