April 2, 2012

Girl Scouts Zoo Trip

Funny Girl is at the end of her first year in Girl Scouts.  It's the first activity that she's tried and really wanted to keep doing, so I'm so happy we decided to do it.  Dimples can not wait to sign up next year.  Of course Girl Scouts sell cookies.  The troop decided to sign up for a Nightcrawler Overnight with the proceeds from the cookie sales and our trip was this past weekend.  We had such a good time and learned a lot!  Here are some of the highlights from our trip.

We had a "backstage tour" so to speak where we got to get up close
with a few creatures.

Funny Girl was adamant that she would not touch anything, but she
touched them all!

We also got a tour of the kitchen.  A bag of frozen white mice was the
highlight of this part.

 We also went on a scavenger hunt in the reptile house, but it was too dark for pictures.  We got up early the next morning for a tour of the zoo and then we had free admission for the day.  Miss C and I decided to stay with some of the girls to check out all of the exhibits.  When we finally left we had some happy, but tired girls.

Miss C and Funny Girl learning about bears.

Naked mole rat.  Actually kinda cute.

Mama panda

I think this was a Kori Bustard.  It made the
coolest sound like hitting a drum.  

Super pink flamingos

Funny Girl

He was waiting for his close-up.

Petting zoo

The best dollar I've ever spent was for a little stick of bird seed to
feed the parakeets.  The girls all loved this part.  We were probably
in there for close to 20 minutes.


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  1. Great photos - that naked mole rat is crazy with those teeth. FunnyGirl was brave to touch all those animals - an opposum is a crazy thing to pet! I can't help it - I'm a little proud that she likes scouts so much that she wants to keep on doing it! Yea!