April 16, 2012

Of myth busting and glamour

Here I am again feeling like there is nothing to write about.  Part of that is probably my foul mood over *still* being sick.  It's our weekend though, so I'm trying to take advantage of being able to rest.  The kids are watching t.v., alternating between Mythbusters and Phineas & Ferb.  A funny aside about Mythbusters regarding Funny Girl.  I ran into her carrying a large bowl of water from the bathroom the other day.  When asked what she was doing, she replied "Creating the whirlpool of death from Mythbusters."  I mentioned that they say several times not to try those experiments at home.  She says, "Oh, I thought they just meant the big versions.  I thought I could do small ones."  Smart girl, that one.

Actually, the girls aren't watching as much as playing.  They keep getting into arguments which sends one of them to me in tears, and then they watch t.v. for a while.  I'm not sure how many more ways I can explain that using words when you disagree is infinitely preferable to kicking, slapping, smacking, pinching, biting, scratching, and throwing things.

We are supposed to have a decently full week ahead of us.  The park may or may not be rained out, but we are visiting an art museum on Wednesday.  Thursday we've got to see the eye doctor and spend some time at the library.  Friday is our field trip to the strawberry farm for this year's picking, and family plans on the weekend.  The week after is nearly identical.

In the middle of typing this, Geshtro came to me with some questions about sex.  After I talked to him, I came back to my room to find the girls listening to their iPods.  Funny Girl is playing instruments to her songs (Bush and Chairlift), while Dimples is dancing to hers (Sneaky Sound System).  This is part of a game they are playing.  Next they are doing "glamorizing" of their dolls.  Never a dull moment around here.

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