April 3, 2012

Ribbons + Eyes = Ouch!

Here is an important lesson that you've probably never thought to tell your kids.  Do not tie a ribbon to both of your hands and then jump off of a swing.  It is possible to injure your eye.  I'm not entirely sure I can picture how this happened, but it did in fact happen to Funny Girl last night.  She refused to let us get a look at it, so we let her go to bed.

In the morning her eye was swollen and painful.  I took her up to a FirstCare branch of Athens Regional where the doctor was able to get some numbing drops in her eye.  She's got a pretty significant corneal abrasion.  We were then referred to an opthamologist who gave us a prescription for an antibiotic.  He tried to get a contact lens into her eye which would have eliminated the pain, but she wouldn't open her eye wide enough.

The good news is she should be fine in a couple of days.  We have a follow-up appointment to check her progress on Wednesday.


  1. Wow, ouch!
    Hope she feels better soon!


  2. Thank you. She'd doing better today!

  3. Oh, no. Hope she is better soon.