April 8, 2012

We aren't missing anything

I'm finally feeling a little bit better, but I have no energy.  Right now everything feels like chaos, the house is a mess, eating is erratic and not particularly healthy, and the t.v. seems a constant companion.  Except that it isn't really. It's just on more than usual, but as I type this the girls are outside and Geshtro is off doing something.  As much as I feel like this week has just been such a waste, I should feel good about what we did do despite the eye injury and my cold.

Funny Girl got a book on American sign language from her Grandpa's things.  She's been learning letters and phrases for a couple of days.  She told me this morning that her throat was beginning to hurt, but she was going to be able to keep talking with her hands if she lost her voice.  She amazes me.

On Friday the kids made seed papers at Earth Scouts.  We are still waiting for them to dry.  They are trying to decide if they want to keep and plant them, or mail parts of them to friends and relatives.

Saturday, my parents came over to help the kids dye eggs.  We postponed our Easter celebrations until Monday with the hope that I will feel better, but also because B won't have to work in the morning and can be part of the fun.

I'm ready to feel better and get back to our routines, but I am able to look around and see that we aren't missing anything.  Learning never stops.

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