July 2, 2012

Blog change and news

Well I'm going to have to make a change with this place.  I haven't decided how far I'll go with it, but at the very least, I'll be changing the blog title.  See I'm 19 weeks pregnant with another girl!  How does Raising Four Thinkers sound?  It's not exactly the same play on words.  Anyone have a better suggestion?  

Things have gotten better since my last post.  The kids are all still crazy, but in a more positive way.  Maybe it was just the combination of being sick and adjusting to the reality of a new sibling.  We only found out last week that this one will be a girl.  Geshtro is totally bummed because it was his last chance for a brother, but the girls are excited.  She-who-needs-a-nickname is due the week after Thanksgiving.

In homeschooling news, I suspended our Time4Learning account for the summer.  I thought the kids were getting kind of bored with it so it was time for a break.  I may end up canceling if no one is interested in September, but Dimples still asks to log in.  Geshtro has cooled off a bit on making remixes and gotten very into Minecraft.  He's had a few bumps along the way though.  He's gotten kicked off of a couple of servers for making mischief (I think, it's hard to tell when he's talking about it), but he has his own server that he plays with a couple of friends.  He gets pretty serious about his own created world and any destruction happening there, so B and I have had to talk to him a few times about his actions elsewhere and how to handle frustration with his.  It's been a learning experience for sure.  Funny Girl will officially start homeschooling in September.  Right now I just want her to play and have fun.  It's not that she'll have a lot of academic requirements soon, but she will have some household responsibilities.  I'm sure she'll be excited at first, but that will wear off.  Then I'll get to answer the constant question of why Dimples doesn't have any.  She's also very into Minecraft, but only plays on the iPad app.  She loves to watch Minecraft videos on YouTube.  Dimples is learning to write and spell.  She's still very into baking/cooking and watches YouTube videos about Easy Bake Ovens and baking different desserts.  She also likes to watch videos about applying makeup or styling hair.  

The only major difference with our summer is that we are spending a couple of days a week at the pool and we haven't been to park days or any field trips.  I was hesitant to schedule it like that, but I think it's been good for me.  When we are home, I can rest and read.  I'm feeling like I need to be a little less social these days and the kids are all doing their own things.  It's been kind of nice, though we all miss our friends.  It finally got really hot here so I don't want to go the the park anyway.  I figure we'll take advantage of the pool for as long as possible and then get back into the regular stuff at least until the baby is born.  


  1. How about Raising Four-Ward Thinkers? Not quite the same concept, but it keeps the number theme going ;)

    Miss you and we are tentatively planning to come for xmas so we can see both yours and Mark's newest additions- love ya!

  2. That could work... :) Hope to see you in Dec!!