August 25, 2012

Talking and Shopping

Yesterday B and I took all of the kids out to run some errands.  I can drive perfectly well, but it's tiring and leaves me sore.  So anytime I can take advantage of his help, I do.  Going to the mall area with several stops can be hard enough, but two of our stops were at Toys "R" Us and a Halloween store.  You can imagine there would be a lot of asking for things.  I'm not one of those parents who always say no and therefore my kids don't ask for things.  I do say no quite a lot, but there is always some hope.  For the most part, they have all grown out of the tantrum phase and accept the no.  We actually made it out of the toy store, The SchoolBox, and the Halloween store without buying anything extra.  An impromptu stop at Best Buy was also without extra purchases that we didn't really need.  I was rather proud of myself and the kids.

My point isn't about spending money though, it's about talking.  The kids talked to me (mostly) non-stop.  Actually it sort of started before we even got out of the house.  A millions "Moms" and a million questions.  My head was spinning most of the time just trying to keep up.  I would get exasperated and B would tell me, "It's all about the mom.  You are the most important person in their lives."  At the time, I couldn't appreciate it as much as I do now thinking back on it.  It was very hard to keep up with the questions and conversations, but I do want to be that mom.  I want my kids to talk to me, to argue with me, to keep asking me questions.  That is so much better than kids who feel like nothing they say to their parents matters, so why bother?

As a side note to talking, I think it's so interesting that Geshtro's sense of humor is becoming more refined.  He's getting better every day at honing in on what will make B and I laugh and performing for us.  B is much quicker to laugh with him, but I have to admit that he's gotten me a couple of times.  He's maturing from goofy preteen humor.  It's really fun to watch.  I didn't realize this perk of parenthood existed, but I love it.

After an early dinner at Sweet Tomatoes (all you can eat strawberry shortcake!!) we stopped at the mall.  After striking out on Halloween costumes I thought maybe we could find what we were looking for there.  Dimples was a success, but it looks like I'll be ordering online for Funny Girl.  Geshtro is undecided.  I hope he makes a decision soon because we always procrastinate and I'm going to be *really* pregnant at the end of October.

Our last stop was the LEGO store.  Not on the agenda, but they were having a sale on damaged boxes. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a sale.  I spent a little a bit to get each of them something and it was totally worth it.  They kids spent the whole evening watching Wild Kratts and playing LEGOs together while I had total peace and quiet with an audiobook.  It was well worth the day full of talking.  Yesterday was a really good day.

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