October 4, 2012

October 2012 Update

Well we are coming up to our busiest time of the year.  Halloween begins the onslaught of birthdays and holidays in our family.  This year we'll be adding another birthday, so I expect it to be even more crazy.  The transition into the new school year has been mostly good, but some things have been harder than I expected.  

Perhaps the most notable difficulty has been becoming a Girl Scout leader for the Daisies this year.  Both of my girls are now Daisies and we have three other little girls at that level.  I don't know that I'm really good at this sort of organized activity kind of thing.  I'm not the only Daisy leader.  There is another mom who I couldn't be doing this without!  She's the creative and clever one of the two of us.   I feel like I'm stinking it up pretty badly.  Funny Girl is none too impressed with me either.  I keep hoping she'll come around, but mostly she's been opposed to every thing we've done and it's a constant comparison to last year.  Add being pregnant on top of that and well...let's just say that it's not something I am finding a lot of pleasure in doing.   BUT I should add that just today she grabbed a project from our first GS meeting (paper dolls) and then asked me to make several more.  Then she told me how much she loved paper dolls.  So maybe everything will be o.k. in the end.  

So Girl Scouts is two Fridays a month and then we have Earth Scouts on one other Friday.  This is another sore point between the kids and I.  We've only had one meeting this year, but none of them wanted to go.  Once we were there, it was mostly fine, but all the fighting before meeting really wore me out.  At this point, I am sort of dreading Fridays completely which sucks because it's the ONE day off per week that B has.  I feel like I spend the first half of the day stressed about the upcoming afternoon and the second half of the day utterly exhausted from the effort.  This is not how things were supposed to be going and I'm having a hard time accepting the reality.  I've been reading articles lately about the value of letting kids quit.  The Benefits of Quitting and Teach your kids to quit with purpose are two examples.  I'm just not sure what to do right now.  

We've also been catching up on appointments in September, so I feel like we are constantly doing something.  Fortunately, we are nearly done.  I need to check on vaccination boosters, schedule one more eye doctor appointment, and finish one more dental visit before we are caught up.  Just in time for the holidays, yay.  One awesome update from the eye doctor is that Funny Girl's weaker eye is getting stronger!  She still uses the patch for a couple of hours each day, but he fully expects her to not need it after her next appointment (next year.)  Her vision is back within a normal range, as opposed to being legally blind in that eye.  She is still in bifocals, but he expects her to grow out of them too.  I'm so happy for her and proud that she chooses to wear the patch and do the hard work.  It's not an easy decision for a six year old to make every single day.  

Everything else has been pretty good though.  Funny Girl is transitioning into her chores really well.  Geshtro is adjusting to his new responsibilities with his usual resistance, but I think he's coming around to understand how it's gotten a little easier on him with his sister on board.  It's more tiring to me to have to work with FG as she learns, but it will be worth it by next year.  We are actually keeping up with reading (as often as we are actually home!)  I can see how much they enjoy it when we make the time so I've really got to keep it a priority.  And project learning is going better than expected.  We aren't consistent with it yet, but I think the kids like it a lot.  Even Funny Girl, who didn't really have anything in mind to do, has been moving naturally in that direction as she sees her brother and sister doing thing. Right now her biggest interest is drawing.  We'll see how that evolves over time.  

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  1. Came to your blog through a comment on Penelope Trunk.

    Don't be too down on yourself about being a perfect GS leader. Good job being involved!