April 8, 2013

FunnyGirl and books

FunnyGirl is really getting into reading.  I found out recently that Geshtro was teaching her how to read Hop on Pop.  She's also been interested in reading some of the early reader books we pick up at the library and of course our daily reading together plays a part.  This is the whole of what we've done to "teach" FG to read.  It's very similar to Geshtro except that he didn't have an older sibling to help him.  I truly love that the kids learn to read by immersion.  Lately FG has also gotten into audiobooks.  I downloaded The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the first two Diary of a Wimpy Kid books to her iPod.  She listened to them all in three days.  I already promised she could use my next two Audible credits and I have a couple of other children's books to add for her.  I'm going to have to start looking for free stuff though!  Dimples has also been listening to audiobooks since her big sister is doing it.  She's not quite ready to begin reading, but she'll probably hop on board before the year is out.   

FunnyGirl is still into poetry too.  She hasn't written anything new, but she's going to read her poems in the Girl Scout talent show and take a poetry class in a couple of weeks.  And a random FG fact, she lost her third tooth yesterday!

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