June 24, 2013

Girl Scouts summer trip to Stone Mountain

Last year we didn't participate in any of our normal homeschooling activities and instead opted to spend most of our time at the pool in my parent's neighborhood.  The kids missed their friends a lot as the summer wore on though, so this year we decided to keep up better.  One of the things we wanted to do was attend the Girl Scout summer meet ups.  Last Wednesday we met at Stone Mountain for the laser show.  The kids found the actual show boring, but were happy to see their friends beforehand.  We made a stop at the Dollar Tree on the way to pick up some fun stuff so we could avoid the overpriced stuff they sell there.

Two giggling girls excited to get to the lawn.

Confederate Memorial Carving

Best dollar spent.

Bubble raspberry

Ignore the dust on my lens, please.


Geshtro says he hates when I take pictures he doesn't know I'm taking.

The other dollars spent.

Pretty good for the iPhone camera, yes?

Ohhhhh!  Ahhhh!

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