June 15, 2013

What homeschooling looks like when you have a stomach virus

I had an idea to (hopefully) get me writing more.   Lots of bloggers do day in the life posts.  This is sort of like that.  I was partially inspired by this recent post:  Often homeschooling means doing nothing.  And it really hit me when I was thinking about Geshtro's being sick all weekend (our weekend starts Wednesday evening) and the disruptions that it made in our family.  I thought about posting it to Facebook, but it seemed silly to write such a long update.  So the blog popped into my mind and here I am.

It all started on Wednesday.  Geshtro woke up feeling ill.  He was running a fever and by the afternoon his temperature was spiking to over 104.  We were able to bring his fever down with a bath, tag teaming meds, and plenty of liquids.  It was pretty hairy for a few hours, but by Thursday it was only a low grade fever and the other symptoms of a stomach virus were getting better.

So far no one else has gotten sick, so I'm hoping we dodged a bullet. (Update Saturday night:  It looks like Funny Girl might have gotten it.  It's only a matter of time before Dimples is sick too.)  It might also help that I put the rest of us on probiotics as soon as he got sick.  The other thing we did was have him stay in his room.  This is huge in our family.  None of the kids like to be separated from the rest of the family.  It's like the worst punishment ever.   Once we got his temperature down though, all he wanted to do was sleep.

Thursday was another issue.  He was still running that slight fever, but feeling much better.  Still we wanted him to keep away from the girls, so he was stuck in his room.  We also have a rule that computers and devices that access the Internet are only allowed in common areas.  That meant he had no access to his favorite things in the world:  YouTube and GarageBand.  B and I decided we'd make an exception.  We let him have his iPod Touch and moved the computer down into his room.  He was thrilled!  At least for a little while.

Turns out, he told me, that as much as he thought he'd love having a computer in his room he really missed being upstairs.  He thought he wanted to get away from his sisters, but he missed them sitting beside him.  By Friday he was ready to come back upstairs.  We had offered to let him stay down in his room just one more day while he continued to rest, but he didn't want to be there anymore.  Of course the honeymoon only lasted a few hours.  It wasn't long before he was irritated by the noise and constant interruptions of the house.  At least all was back to normal.

As with everything else in our life, this experience is another way to learn.  We talked about the way germs spread, washing hands, and the way probiotics work.  Other frequent topics included the importance of staying hydrated, eating healthy (and fiber rich) foods, and getting proper rest.  It was a good opportunity to talk to Dimples about her worries around getting sick and dying too.  I'm sure there were many other things we could have learned more about, but there will be other opportunities I'm sure!

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