June 18, 2013

What homeschooling looks like when you are in therapy

I was in the middle of writing my first WHLL (what homeschooling looks like) when I realized I had a therapy session in seven minutes.

The best part of using Skype for therapy is never having to leave the house.  The second best part is not having to brush my teeth, put on deodorant, or even get dressed.  I can also nurse.  I sit in front of my laptop in a nursing cami with a sleeping baby in my lap.  The kids are told not to bother me for the next hour.  They know that I've had some trouble fully recovering from having SweetPea and that I get scared a lot.  They also know that Miss Elizabeth helps me feel better.  Dimples met her the first time we were introduced.  She says she's a really nice lady.

Here are a few things that I've been learning and working on while getting help for postpartum anxiety:

 - Name my anxiety.
 - Accept and be with my anxiety.
 - I don't have to be perfect. I am doing good enough.
 - Visualize good things.
 - Take care of myself.  Get rest, eat well, exercise.

I work on all of these things several times a day.  A lot of what I need to practice is also good for teaching the kids.  I've mentioned before that Dimples has a lot of worries.  I am able to help her find her way back to the moment so that she can tell her fears to go away.  We talk about the senses.  What can we see?  What do we smell?  What can we hear?  What do we taste?  What can we feel?  Those are the things that matter and the only things that are actually real.  The worry is not real and we can tell it to go away.

I'm also trying to be more accepting of my own mistakes so that when I say that making mistakes is how we learn - I will actually believe it.  I'm hardest on myself, so it's not surprising that the kids don't like making mistakes either.

Learning how to visualize positive experiences is a new thing I'm starting.  The reason I had to add this is because I dread taking the kids to the pool.  In my head I see only visions of injuries and drowning.  Elizabeth suggested I start thinking about all of the fun things that happen at the pool and tell myself that I am allowed to enjoy taking them.  I know it sounds crazy, but I had forgotten that it was o.k. to have fun at the pool.

Lastly, I'm learning and teaching the kids more about being healthy.  Learning about how different foods affect our bodies and how sleep and exercise make things better.  Exercise has been the hardest part so far.  We are a very techie family and having a new baby and some health issues has pushed it to the back burner.  I know I'm going to have to make the time though.

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  1. Must admit I haven't read your blog in awhile and just saw your two posts this week about getting therapy and I'm glad you are doing this for yourself. Love you and hope that you are managing to get a trip to the lake in.

    Random- there's a tv show with Lisa Kudrow playing a therapist on Web Therapy that i watched a few episodes of. it's totally wrong and hilarious, and it immediately came to mind when you said Skype therapy :)