July 8, 2013

Fourth at a lake

We hadn't been to the lake house in two years so when the opportunity arose we jumped at the chance. The girls and I were just coming off an intense week staying at my parent's house and I had one day to get things together before we were off again for a three day trip to Lake Sinclair.

Things didn't start off very smoothly.  It was pouring rain when we dropped off B, FunnyGirl, and the dog at the marina so they could take the pontoon across to the house.  It would be another 45 minutes before the rest of us joined them by driving around the lake.  The rain had stopped, but the water at the house wasn't working.  It was already 4pm, would we be able to get someone to come out there this late in the day?  If not, were we willing to stay the night with no working bathroom facilities?  We had plenty of water to drink so that wasn't an issue.  We got the well pump guys on the phone and they said they could be there in a couple of hours, but depending on the problem they might not be able to fix it.  We decided to stick it out.  Good thing we did too.  It was a simple fix (though they had to work in a downpour) and we had water again by 7:30.   Yay!!  Still we had already talked to the kids about the possibility of going to the bathroom outdoors.  Surprisingly, none of them was against the idea.  I think they might have even been bummed when they never got the chance to try it out.

We had a few more mishaps, including B falling off the dock but fortunately there was nothing more serious than a couple of bruises.

Check out those new swimming skills!
SweetPea loves water.

Max enjoys the lake from the dock these days.

The rain continued off and on for the whole trip, but when it cleared the skies were magnificent.  When it wasn't raining we got to swim or go out on the boat.  When it was, we got to watch as the storms moved across the lake.  Once the winds were so strong we had to struggle the shut the doors.

Sometimes we swam in the rain too.

Our second day we were joined by B's mom and step-dad.  The girls got to go fishing then.  Dimples caught two little ones and FunnyGirl snagged one right before we had to go.  We don't keep them because we don't eat them.  Letting them go is just as much fun as catching them, I've been told.

It was the Fourth of July, but we didn't go out onto the lake to watch fireworks.  We could see plenty from the porch and the kids weren't that interested anyway.  I think they are a bit spoiled by Disney fireworks that are synchronized with music and water.

Chillin' while we wait for the rain to pass.

Boats are perfect for napping.
Swings too.
SweetPea is getting used to our constant travels.  She can be very clingy when she sees me, but she's getting better at recognizing her grammas.  Granny got about two hours of her all to herself while I got a much needed break.  

Photo by Granny

 There is always plenty of cool stuff to see at a lake.

As usual while we were there B and I started talking about what it would be like to live at the lake.  It's not really a possibility right now, but maybe one day.  At least we can visit whenever we want.

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