August 19, 2014

Blog Resuscitation?

Some friends and I were talking about how we've all basically stopped blogging but that we all had thought about starting up again.  Life is busy, but maybe I can manage it.  While many, many things have happened since my last update, for the most part our lives are the same.  So rather than catch anything up, I'll just start from here.

Our new school year officially starts on Sept 1, but we got going early.  The three older kids are all taking classes this year.  Geshtro takes computer coding with Start Code.  FunnyGirl is taking Chinese at Summit Academy, and Dimples is taking some co-op classes in Sept and also has indoor soccer lessons.  Both girls do rock climbing once a month.  We still unschool so this is about as scheduled as we get.  Our days still consist of mostly reading, housework, and mindfulness/meditation activities. 

We haven't become religious, so not much has changed there.  The older two girls are starting to ask more questions about heaven and what happens to a person when they die.  FunnyGirl is big into ghost stories so she has her own ideas about an afterlife.  I just answer their questions as they come up and listen to their ideas, then we talk about what they currently believe and move on.

I took a couple of coding classes this year and I'm working on a couple of projects freelance.  I'm hoping to make a business of it eventually, but with my very full plate it's just baby steps right now.   B is still plugging along at work.  Lately we've been dreaming more and more about our move to Canada.

So there it is, a boring update.  Not sure it's the breath of life I was going for, but I'm making dinner too (one that all of the kids are refusing to even try, as usual) and trying to figure out why I can't get another blog to point to the correct domain.  I used to be better at multi-tasking or perhaps that was just wishful thinking.   Gonna hit publish now and hope I feel inspired to keep this thing alive.  We will see....

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