August 30, 2014

Family Nights

Friday evening is our family time.  Obviously we are together all day, every day, but usually we aren't all doing the same thing.  We don't even eat meals together, which might seem odd.  It's just that it's never seemed all that important to have family meals when we are already connecting at various points throughout the day.  Personally, when I finally get a chance to sit down (well actually I rarely even sit - usually I'm standing at the counter) I just want to eat in peace.

So we come together on Fridays.  First we have a family meeting where we talk about anything going on with ourselves or the kids that is effecting all of us.  We talk about what is coming up in the next week.  We read our family rules and goals list.  And then we play games!  

Tonight we played Fluxx.  It's a game where the rules change with every card played.  This was our first time playing and it was really fun.  There were quite a lot of skills needed for this one.  You have to pay attention because the rules change constantly.  You need to stretch your memory when the rules start piling up.  There was a decent amount of simple math involved.  Of course you need to think about strategy too.  And there are several different versions on top of the original.  I can see us expanding our Fluxx collection over the years to come.  

On other Fridays we've played all sorts of games.  We rotate who picks for the week.  Geshtro usually picks Wii games where we have to take turns, usually battling in Super Smash Bros.  The girls often pick Just Dance games much to the displeasure of the males in the house, but they still give it their best.  B is a fan of card games.  I am more eclectic in my choices.

During the summer, when the girls and I spent so much time at the pool, we skipped our family nights but I missed them.  Sometimes it seemed like more trouble than it was worth to get everyone together after a busy week.  We've been back to our normal routine for a couple of weeks now and I'm so glad.  With all of the new things coming up in the next year I think Fridays will be more important than ever.  Even when you homeschool and work from home, there is value in setting aside time to do things together.  

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