September 24, 2014

I *heart* our homeschool group

I haven't said much about our non-religious life lately.  There wasn't much to say, fortunately.  Recently though, I met a lovely lady through a secular co-op that Dimples is attending.  After talking to her for a while I picked up on her dislike for the other co-op in the area because of their religious  leanings.  Funny Girl is attending that one for her Chinese class, but she hadn't said anything about it being religious.  I'd met the teacher and exchanged emails with her a couple of times and she never mentioned anything religious to me either.  So I just figured she was one of the teachers that didn't make it a big deal.  Well, I was (sort of) mistaken.

I asked Funny Girl if they pray before class and she said that the teacher does and at the end.  I was kind of surprised she hadn't mentioned it before.  There are only two students in this class.  Funny Girl told me that she and the other girl just sit there and wait patiently for the teacher to finish and then just do their lessons.  I kind of surprised myself by not being all up in arms about this.  I think part of the reason is because I feel comfortable with our friends and family to just be myself.  I want the kids to grow up knowing and experiencing all kinds of things.  I'd rather talk to FG about why the teacher chooses to pray than remove her from the class.  And the other reason I wasn't that concerned is that this teacher seems pretty great.  FG is loving her class so far.  I couldn't remove her over something that clearly isn't even bothering her.   So until something really strange happens, FG will continue to take this class.

But back to the secular co-op, I just have to say again how lucky I feel to be part of our homeschool group.  We might still homeschool if we'd never found them, but it wouldn't be nearly as comfortable.  I also have the most amazing family and really all of my friends from all parts of my life.  I don't know how it happened, but we've just never experienced any of the difficult stuff that so many other atheists have with their family and friends.  I'm so grateful.    I'm looking forward to getting to know the new families that joined the secular co-op.  I hope they will feel welcome and comfortable enough to be themselves too.

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