September 7, 2014

Moody Day Meditations

Most days I love homeschooling.  Today is not one of those days.  Today seems to be particularly about debate and outright refusal.   There have also been a lot of sibling squabbles, bossing around, and yelling.  

It might seem like every day should be fun and easy.  After all, we unschool so the kids should always be doing things that they want to be doing, right?  The reality though is that humans don't always want to do the things they said they want to do.  And as much as I want them to learn what they want, there are things they must do around the house too.  So most days are a combination of fun and head-butting.

I'm pretty tired and we have a full week ahead of us.  All of those classes I mentioned before start in full swing tomorrow.  I think we are all nervous about the unknown.

Fortunately we had Family Dharma night to look forward to this evening.  This is when Geshtro and I go to the local UU and spend two hours practicing various meditations.  Usually on family night there is some sort of craft that we also do with the kids.  In the past we've made keychains, drawn mandalas, and decorated prayer flags - among other things.  Tonight we brought Dimples for the first time and she said she loved it.  There will be a 20 minute meditation before her classes in September so I'm really glad she enjoyed it.

Since SweetPea's birth, I've felt really emotional when I meditate.  I suspect I have some really deep feelings that I have not fully processed.  Actually, I don't suspect.  My anxiety levels being what they are, I'm sure I have some things going on.  I always leave Family Dharma night wanting to go back every Sunday, but by the next next I feel too busy or tired.

I'm glad today is over.  I bet I'll be back to enjoying our days tomorrow.  For tonight, I'm ready for bed.

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